November Upholstery Class: Thursday 5:30-8:00

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Image of November Upholstery Class: Thursday 5:30-8:00

Classes will meet for four sessions on the following days: November 7th, November 14th, November 19th & November 21st. There will be one make-up session after classes if needed (TBD).

These classes are paced for beginning level chairs and all chairs must be approved prior to class. Due to the entry level nature of this course, we cannot accept fully upholstered arm chairs.

The goal of this course is to teach basic upholstery techniques that can be applied to more advanced upholstery projects in the future. We recommend open-armed side chairs for this course. Selection of the right chair will help you better understand the basics for a successful first project!

This class is geared towards entry level upholstery and assumes the student has no prior experience with upholstery. We’ll start from the very beginning: You will learn how to determine fabric yardage, choose appropriate fabric, tear it down (remove the old upholstery fabric), make simple repairs, re-pad, and reupholster it. Professional tips and shortcuts will be covered. You will learn how to use upholsterer’s tools as well as how to substitute tools you may already have at home.

We will provide the basic tools needed to complete your project. We do not provide the materials needed such as upholstery, padding, foam, etc. We will help you determine which materials you will need and guide you on the best and most cost effective means to purchase these materials.

All Chairs must be approved prior to the first class. A chair that seems easy to you can become difficult very quickly.

To register, please do the following:

1. Call the shop at (402) 474-5407 during store hours to purchase a spot in the section of your choosing. If you’re worried about securing a spot, you may purchase a class through our website. However, we prefer that you call so we can answer all your questions!

2. Text a photo of your potential chair to Clinton (the upholstery teacher) at (402) 202-8694.

4. Please note that you are not fully registered until your chair has been approved and we have received payment.

Thank you very much for your interest!